Sunday, February 8, 2009

'Sticky' Mess

What a mess NW Arkansas is! This is what it looks like in probably every town across northern Arkansas - on every street, in front of every house, piles and piles of sticks and other debris from the ice storm of last Tuesday.

I'm going into the hollow in a few minutes to take some pics of the damage. I walked a short way into it yesterday and was shocked. Not just tree limbs and upper halves of trees on the ground but manytrees completely uprooted throughout the hollow. It looks as though the Jolly Green Giant walked through knocking over trees at his whim. Very much like the aftermath of a tornado
or strait-line wind damage. It was too dangerous to go into the woods friday because of the wind gusts. Actually, the wind (I'm guessing) knocked out our power again friday afternoon. It finally came back on around 4:45 yesterday morning. But again, not to complain, as there are still people in our area without power. Once the crew comes to fall the damaged trees, our clean-up job is going to be huge, so for now, we can live with a messy yard.


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