Monday, February 2, 2009

It came...

Well, we survived the ice storm and what a storm it was. The news media claim it is the worst ice storm on record for Arkansas. I wasn't sure if the storm of 2000 might have been worse, because it seemed to have covered a larger area, but the damage of this storm was significantly worse. Anyway, I know it did more damage to our property and house than any storm we've ever had and was MUCH more stressful, especially Tuesday night.

The popping sound of limbs and trees as they split and cracked under the pressure of the ice was bone chilling. Our electricity had gone out at 12:30 noon on Tuesday, so sitting in the dark made it all the more eerie.
We live in a wooded area and have large oaks sitting right up against the house. The old oak on the south side of our house just couldn't bare the weight. It dropped limb after limb on the roof, each time sending me running out of the back bedroom. Then when all was quiet, we'd open the middle bedroom door and shine a flashlight up toward to the ceiling, making sure there were no limbs protruding. We went through that routine all night. First the old oak tree to the south...then the young oak trees to the west...then the two oak trees in the back yard...then the tall pines in front...well you get the idea. But when morning broke we were able to assess the damage, somewhat.

And it went...

Our electricity finally came back on Friday night. I was in the back yard with our puppy waiting on him to 'do his business' when the flood light flickered and then the whole house lit up in all its glory. I hooted and hollered, then our next door neighbors did the same as their house lit up too. Ahhh, a hot shower...

The house has a small hole in the south side from the old oak tree and it looks like one of its limbs may have punctured the roof, but all-in-all I think we were luckier than a lot of folks, so I'm not complaining, we have a lot to be grateful for, but I will truly miss our trees. All of the ones in the front will have to go, and of course the old oak. So many memories. But the woods are dynamic and it's just nature's way. I think that's why I love nature so much. I know that when I go into the hollow this time, there will be new wonders to discover. I will write more on this incredible storm and put up more pics later. If you want to see videos on the storms, of course there are dozens on Youtube. Just do a search for NW Arkansas ice storm '09.


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