Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now Where was I...

Oh yeah, when last posting, I was going down into the hollow to take some pics and assess the damage from the ice storm. Actually, it wasn't as bad as I first thought, given all the damage to people's yards and our streets. This is a pic of some trees on top of the slope that uprooted.
Surprisingly, many of the oaks that completely uprooted were fairly young trees, maybe because of their limited spread of roots. Some of the oldest trees took the storm much better. This image shows what a limited root system the young trees had compared to what a much older tree would have.

Many trees just split multiple times right down the middle of their trunks. This was especially true in town. Lawns look like they're landscaped with bouquets of 'toothpicks'.

Scenes of the bottom of the hollow:

Okay, enough pics of trees already! As I'm posting this, my husband is outside with the chainsaw cleaning up the mess and I need to go help. Back in a bit...

Cleaned up in the yard all day, now it's time to get back to art! I did accomplish one major goal over the past two weeks and that was getting my Etsy Shop set up. This is truly a milestone for me in goal-setting. Although I only have a few things listed so far, I feel that I can get things going now that I'm finally set up to sell on-line. Tomorrow I'll start testing my liner glaze tiles for durability. Will let you know how that goes.


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