Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Preparing Test Tiles

Yesterday I finished glazing my cone 6 test tiles, using Ardvark's cone 5 'Bone' and Flint Hill's cone 6 'Buff' clays. I'm trying to find a liner glaze, as well as an outside glaze that will fit the Flint Hill cone 6 clay (because this clay is my preference). My goal is to make sure my utilitarian ware:

  • does not craze or leach
  • is microwavable
In other words, is truly functional according to Ron Roy, the guru of cone six glazes. I attended one of his workshops about 3 or 4 years ago, when he and John Hesselberth were promoting their book, Mastering Cone Six Glazes and teaching how to use the glaze calculation software, Insight by Digital Fire Corp. It was very 'insightful' (ha) and I learned a lot, but have recently had to go over my notes from that event to refresh my memory on what was covered. I'm afraid I'm not being very diligent in learning the Insite software either, just have too much I'm trying to get done for the time being. Oh well, that's yet another goal to set!

Here's a pic of my test tiles, ready for the kiln:

Now, I need to get some other bisqued pots glazed so I'll have enough pieces for a firing. Which shouldn't take many, as my kiln (electric) is pretty small. These are a few things that I need to hurry up and glaze:

So, guess I better get busy, but my immediate goal for today is to get lids thrown for two of my jars. Then I can concentrate on glazing.


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