Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bill Guffey's Virtual Paintout, Douglas Wiltraut

Just wanted to share a couple of things discovered on-line this morning.

First, a great artist, Douglas Wiltraut, who works in egg tempera, casein, acrylic, and watercolor (I think mainly drybrush). I've really enjoyed this morning visiting his site, soaking in his invaluable knowledge of egg tempera and his process which is extremely detailed, even mentioning what brands of products he uses. I so appreciate artists of his stature who take the time to share their expertise with the world. I also learned reading The Watercolor Artist Magazine article that there's actually a name for the process I use in my watercolors which I discussed in my last post, where I described how I 'prime' an area first with clean water, then add a layer of color and manipulate it and its edges over the previous color. It's called the English watercolor method according to the author. Go figure. I'll be revisiting his site often to see what's new and to learn more from him. The attraction for me to be drawn to artists who work in similar style to my heroes such as Homer and the Wyeths is innate - an unexplainable emotional connection to their work. I so admire these artists. A site worth bookmarking for sure.

The second discovery of the morning is Bill Guffey's (another person I did not previously know) blog and his 'Virtual Paintout' project. What a novel idea! Using Google's virtual map, Guffey (or sometimes his followers?) chooses an area, which can be anywhere in the world I suppose, and artists then zoom in anywhere in that designated area and choose a subject to paint from photos that have been mapped. And Guffey says he's checked with Google to make sure it's legal (read his instructions on right side of page). A great way to connect with others, not to mention greatly add to one's list of painting subjects. Also another way for artists to stay busy during the winter months. Artists then upload their painting to his facebook (or not, if they prefer not to have it on his facebook). I can't say too much about it as I only discovered it about 10 mins. ago and am still reading up on it. So check out this and the Wiltraut site if you're interested. Happy reading...


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